Fabulous Multicolored Fish Banks

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We bring you fantastic fun fish to enchant your clients and help them save away those spare coins!

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Brighten up your store shelves and create a splashy display with these vibrantly colored fish banks. Created from ceramic and hand painted in bold vibrant colors, your clients cannot miss them!

These four styles offers a different high gloss finish design on each ranging from muted tones of blue to hot pink and yellow. The fish have big googly eyes, huge lips and are packed with personality. They are sure to attract fisherman, youngsters and all Moms wanting to catch that spare coin.

These fish banks will make a splash in your store and will swim off home with clients wanting a fun gift, a useful favor or something to brighten up a dull spot.

  • Fish come in two sizes, 9″ x 6 1/2″ and 7″ x 8″